I’m doing fine

2 pictures in this post and some text. ;-D

This is how i looked when I got tube feeding for 2 months  (I did my self)  but now I can eat almost normal food. I’m getting better, the final answer (kemotheraphy and radion) is in janury, so I’m a bit nervous about the response to treatment, but I keep spirits up. I am very tired and weak, but that is a normal reaction to the treatment, so  in 3-4 months with some training and strength exercises I should be back on the track again. IMG_1203


I’m so glad that I can eat again, although some of the food tastes different than it used before the cancer. But I hope in time that food will taste as is used too.

Thanks to all off you,  I really appreciate your comments.

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8 thoughts on “I’m doing fine

  1. I am glad you’re doing better. I’m sure food will taste the same again. Usually, that’s just minor nerve damage, and it takes like 6 weeks for nerves to regenerate. My ex beat cancer 3 times, and she certainly no longer has taste issues (unless you count her wardrobe).

    Peace to you.

    • Rejen says:

      I hope my nerves will regenerate, all my food taste a bit salty. Perhaps you don’t have the same taste in wardrobe ;-D

      Thanks and Peace to you.

  2. araneus1 says:

    Hang in there kid

  3. Nothing like health and feeling well. Glad you are feeling better-one step closer to recovery.

  4. streetpixels says:

    I wish you a merry Christmas and I hope you can enjoy all the delcious now 🙂

    Get well soon!

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